ÖGV – Austrian association for trade and industry (Austria)


The Austrian association for trade and industry (ÖGV) is a non-partisan association for entrepreneurs with voluntary membership and was founded about 180 years ago. The members of the Gewerbeverein come from industry, commerce, trade and the liberal professions.

The ÖGV is a haven for value-oriented and sustainable entrepreneurship in Austria. Here, entrepreneurial women and men, regardless of age, religious, ethnic and political affiliation or industry, find a place where they can learn from and with each other in a trusting atmosphere, help each other and together raise an integer and consistent voice for more and better entrepreneurship.

The members of the ÖGV form a community of values based on the social market economy and the fundamental values of entrepreneurial ethics.

Reinhard Backhausen is Vicepresident.


Headquarters: Vienna/Austria