Glaeser Group (Germany)

  • 700 employees
  • 10 locations
  • 120 Mio annual turnover
  • Family-company since 1888
  • Activities in numerous sectors of the textile industry


Position Reinhard Backhausen (2017):

Consulting for Expansion of international business

Märkische Faser (Germany)

  • 350 employees
  • Based in Premnitz/Germany
  • Production of Polyesterstaplefibres and -Granulates


Position Reinhard Backhausen:

Consulting for Business development for the European textile industry, textile publishers and furniture manufacturers

IKV – Innovative plastic refinings

  • Production of  black-batches based on PET, PBT, PA, PP, HDPE, and LDPE, Colour-batches (Mono-Colour, SPC and Tailor mades) based on PET and PBT as well as Additiv-batches, especially for FR based on PBT.
  • Production of PET-Flakes

Recycling of textile waste

We produce fibres made of old, collected clothes, waste of the textile-industry (weaving, spinning, etc.). We work with cotton, Viscose, Polyester, Polyamide, Acrylic, Para-Aramid, Meta-Aramid, wool and natural fibres.

Trade with textile raw materials

Purchasing and selling of fibres in Polyester, Acrylic, Polyamide, Polypropylen (Olefin), Viscose, Aramide, cotton and wool in first and second choice.

Fair Collect / old clothes and old shoes

  • Since mor than 50 years we work in the field of collecting old clothes and old shoes in close cooperation with different organisations and associations.
  • Under the brand „faircollect“ we created a new system with specially developed collecting-tanks (closed loops) > “GLOOPER”

Glaeser wholesale and retail

  • With its big offer our wholesale serves productions of confection, the retail and the professional decorators.
  • Our products range from fashion-fabrics, home-textiles and sun-protections.
  • 15 retail-stores in Baden-Württemberg (Ulm, Bavaria, Sachsen and Thyringen)
  • Additionally we offer sewing-courses.

Glaeser Industrial Hygiene

As manufacturer and seller of textile raw materials we also have a huge range of products fort he Industrial Hygiene. In our range we offer high-end products like folded paper-towels, towel-rolls, toilet-papers, cleaning-chemicals, dispensers for paper-towels and soap, etc.


Hygienepaper, multipurpose-cloths, cleaning-cloths, toilet-papers, cleaninig cloth rolls, paperroll stands, cotton cloths, machine-cleaning-cloths, cleaning-textiles, hospital supplies, industry supplies, towel-rolls, wipes, Microfibre-cloths, Paper-towels, cleaning cloths, paper-rolls, hygiene papers, cleaning rags.


  • Washable with 95 C° and dryable
  • Very allergy friendly, because it is non-dusting
  • As the fibre is made of 100% Polyester it doesn’t offer a fertile soil for micro-organisms (other than cotton). This is very important against house dust mite allergy.
  • Strong and durable bounce

Glaeser Grow

  • Harvest safety nets
  • Floor felts
  • Harvest felts

Greentex Greening

greentex® strengthens immediately a gliding hillside and guarantees the rooting and the greening. The fixing of  greentex®, which is delivered in rolls, is very simple. The rolls have a weight of approx. 20 kg and are also easy to carry in steep terrain. greentex® is 100% ecological, sustainable and biodegradable. Result is a strengthened and redeveloped hillside.